Hepatitis A & B Vaccine

Hepatitis A & B Vaccine

Hepatitis A and B are viruses that affect the liver and are present in much of the developing world. Symptoms of hepatitis A include nausea, abdominal pain, poor appetite, fatigue, jaundice, and dark urine. Symptoms of hepatitis B include jaundice, fatigue, and weight loss. Fortunately, the two diseases are preventable with the Twinrix vaccination.

Hepatitis A Vaccine

What is Twinrix?

Twinrix is a vaccine that protects against, two serious liver diseases that are caused by the hepatitis A and B viruses.

How do people contract hepatitis A and hepatitis B?

hepatitis a vaccination is contracted by ingesting food or drink that has been contaminated by human waste. Hepatitis B is contracted when a person comes into contact with the bodily fluids of an infected person.

Where are hepatitis A and B typically found?

Hepatitis A can be found worldwide, although it’s most often found in regions with a heightened risk including South Asia, Central Asia, Latin America, Middle East, and North Africa.

Hepatitis B is found in the Middle East, the Far East, Africa, South America, Central Asia, and Eastern Europe.

Are hepatitis A and B preventable?

Hepatitis A and B are preventable with the Twinrix vaccination.

Why should I get a Twinrix vaccination?

If you plan on traveling to one of the areas mentioned, especially the Caribbean, you should get a Twinrix vaccination.

Where can I get a Twinrix vaccination?

You can receive a Twinrix vaccination from any one of our Executive Health Services, Inc. locations.

Who should I speak to about a Twinrix vaccination appointment?

You may speak to any of our employees about scheduling an appointment for the Twinrix vaccination by calling us at 215-235-3500 or 800-ASPIRIN.

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To learn more about the Twinrix vaccination, contact us at 215-235-3000 or 800-ASPIRIN.



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