Welcome to Executive Health Services, Inc. As the Philadelphia area’s leading and first private provider of travel vaccines and global health services, whether you’re traveling abroad or entering the United States, we hope you’ll utilize our expertise to stay safe and healthy. Moreover, if you’re looking for general medicine and dentistry services, we’re at your service for those needs, too.

We have over 30 years of experience in vaccine administration, global health services, internal medicine and general dentistry. From consultation to treatment and emergency phone calls, our staff consists of 100% board certified physicians who have years of training and experience within their respective fields.

Regardless of what some people might tell you, it’s important and necessary to get vaccinated for one reason: Vaccines protect us from becoming infected with harmful and deadly diseases. And if you’re traveling abroad, not only may certain vaccines be vital, they’re also required by law.

The vaccine(s) you may need depend on where you’re going, as health threats vary from nation to nation. We’re certified to provide the necessary vaccines for people going virtually anywhere. Touch base to learn more if you’re heading out of the country soon.

Global Health Services/Immigration

If you’re permanently migrating, you’ll need a different set of health services and vaccines — depending on where you’re moving. As the only approved health exam provider for a consortium of countries in the Greater Philadelphia area, we’re considered the authority in global health / immigration services; so, you can rest assured knowing you’ve found help.



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