Rabies Vaccinations

Rabies Vaccinations

Rabies Vaccinations

Rabies is a viral disease that is known to be transmitted through the bite of an infected animal. Initial symptoms include weakness, discomfort, fever and headache. As the disease progresses, cerebral dysfunction, anxiety, confusion, abnormal behavior and hallucinations. Once the disease reaches a clinical stage, it is usually fatal. However, rabies is preventable. Here’s what to know about this disease.

What is rabies?

The rabies virus attacks the central nervous system, causing disease in the brain and, ultimately, death if not treated.

How do people contract rabies?

People commonly contract rabies through mammals that are susceptible to the infection. Species such as raccoons, skunks, bats, foxes, coyotes and dogs can transmit rabies by biting an uninfected mammal and passing on saliva that contains the virus. ALSO IT IS TRANSMITTED BY A SCRATCH OF AN INFECTED ANIMAL.

Where is rabies typically found?

The rabies virus is found throughout the world. In the United States, the common hosts are wild carnivores and bats found in wildlife. Most deaths occur abroad due to limited access to preventative treatment and LIMITED HEALTH RESOURCES.

Is rabies preventable?

Rabies is fully preventable through getting a rabies vaccination and immediate medical care.

Why should I get a rabies vaccination?

It is essential to receive a rabies vaccination as it can lead to death if untreated. People who have a high risk of rabies due to being around wildlife on a regular basis. The vaccination can prevent the disease if administered following exposure UNDER CERTAIN CIRCUMSTANCES.

Where can I get a rabies vaccination?

You can receive a rabies vaccination by visiting Executive Health Services, Inc.

Who should I speak to about a rabies vaccination appointment?

Executive Health Services, Inc. makes it easy to set up an appointment for receiving rabies vaccinations. You can schedule a visit by calling us at 800-ASPIRIN or 215-235-3000.

You can reach us at any time as we offer 24/7 live support from an actual person, not a robot. We administer a variety of different vaccinations and are the only approved GLOBAL health X  migration  X  provider that serves patients within a radius of hundreds of miles. We invite you to schedule an appointment today to receive the vaccinations you need to stay healthy.



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