Diphtheria (TD) Vaccinations

Diphtheria (TD) Vaccinations

Diphtheria (TD) Vaccinations

Diphtheria is a preventable disease that typically affects people who are traveling to areas with low vaccination levels. Symptoms include a thick, gray coating on the tonsils and throat, chills, swollen glands, fever, a sore throat, a loud cough, drooling, and bluish skin. Read on for more information.

What is Diphtheria (TD)?

Diphtheria is a serious infection that’s caused by bacteria. It affects mucous membranes of the nose and throat, causing a thick coating to form on the back of the throat.

How do people contract Diphtheria (TD)?

Diphtheria can spread quickly from person to person. Those who travel can get the disease by breathing in Diphtheria bacteria after an infected person has sneezed or coughed.

Where is Diphtheria (TD) typically found?

Diphtheria is more often found in parts of the world where vaccination levels are low.

Is Diphtheria (TD) preventable?

Diphtheria is easily preventable with the Diphtheria (TD) vaccination.

Why should I get a Diphtheria (TD) vaccination?

You should get the Diphtheria (TD) vaccination especially if you are planning to travel. Adults are recommended to receive a booster vaccination every 10 years.

Where can I get a Diphtheria (TD) vaccination?

If you need a vaccination for Diphtheria (TD), we can help you here at Executive Health Services, Inc.

Who should I speak to about a Diphtheria (TD) vaccination appointment?

You can speak to any of our staff members about a Diphtheria (TD) vaccination appointment by calling 800-ASPIRIN or 215-235-3000.

Here at Executive Health Services, Inc., for hundreds of miles, we’re one of the leading providers of vaccinations. We’re also the only approved CONSORTIUM GLOBAL migration health exam provider in the same area. Choose us for 24/7 live support from an actual person (not a robot).

To learn more about our Diphtheria (TD) vaccination, contact us at 215-235-3000 or 800-ASPIRIN.



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