Influenza (The Flu) Vaccinations

Each year, hundreds of thousands of people come down with the flu in the United States alone; and, while no flu season is the same in terms of the illness’ prevalence, everyone should nonetheless get vaccinated.

What is Influenza (The Flu)?

Influenza, commonly known as “the flu,” is a highly contagious virus that infest respiratory passages. People who catch the flu often have symptoms of fever, catarrh (excessive mucus buildup), and body aches.

How do people contract Influenza (The Flu)?

The flu is spread a number of ways. In fact, someone with the virus can infect another person who is as close as 6 feet away. Furthermore, the virus spreads via droplets of fluid made when people talk, sneeze, and cough. Less often, though, it can be caught by touching surfaces.

Where is Influenza (The Flu) typically found?

The flu is found on every continent, everywhere in the world. In tropical climates, it is present year round — putting those planning a cruise especially at risk.

Is Influenza (The Flu) preventable?

While it is highly contagious and lethal if severe, the flu is preventable via vaccine.

Why should I get an Influenza (The Flu) vaccination?

You should get yourself vaccinated because the flu is especially unpleasant, highly contagious, and can sometimes be fatal.

Where can I get an Influenza (The Flu) vaccination?

We offer flu vaccines right here at Executive Health Services, Inc.

Who should I speak to about an Influenza (The Flu) vaccination appointment?

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