Japanese Encephalitis Vaccinations

If you are planning a trip abroad, it is important to consider prevention via vaccinations. Right now, we are the leading travel vaccination center in this area, and we provide 24/7 live support from an actual person rather than an automated system. We are here for you to make sure diseases like Japanese encephalitis stay at bay.

What is Japanese Encephalitis?

Japanese encephalitis is a disease that is caused by the mosquito-borne flavivirus, meaning it is in the same category as dengue, west nile virus, and yellow fever. With an incubation period of two to 15 days, this disease is most often found in Southeast Asia, South Asia, and East Asia. It is wise to consider prevention, as there is no specific treatment for Japanese encephalitis aside from supportive measures.

How do people contract Japanese Encephalitis?

This disease is transmitted from bites of infected mosquitos which are of the Culex tritaeniorhynchus species.

Where is Japanese Encephalitis typically found?

More than three billion people in 24 countries in the World Health Organization’s South-East Asia and Western Pacific regions have transmission risk. In more temperate areas of Asia, Japanese Encephalitis is transmitted mostly during the warm season. In tropic areas, transmission can occur all year round, with emphasis on rainy seasons.

Is Japanese Encephalitis preventable?

Yes, safe and effective vaccines are available to prevent this. Right now, there are four main types that are currently being used: inactivated mouse brain-derived, inactivated Vero cell-derived, live attenuated, and live recombinant vaccines. It is important for any who are traveling to areas with suitable environments for Japanese encephalitis to not only get vaccinated, but to also take other precautions. Travelers can wear long-sleeved clothes, use repellents, or vaporizers to help protect themselves. However, vaccinations are proven to be the most effective method of prevention.

Why should I get a Japanese Encephalitis vaccination?

There is no cure or antiviral treatment for patients with this disease, only means to treat symptoms and support the patient so they may overcome the infection. If the disease becomes severe, patients can experience high fever, headache, neck stiffness, disorientation, coma, seizures, spastic paralysis, and ultimately death. The fatality rate of this disease can be as high as 30%. And 20-30% of those who survive this disease suffer permanent intellectual, behavioral, or neurological problems like the inability to speak or recurring seizures.

Where can I get a Japanese Encephalitis vaccination?

Executive Health Services, Inc. is available 24/7 to help assist you with the prevention of Japanese encephalitis via vaccination.

Who should I speak to about a Japanese Encephalitis vaccination appointment?

Please contact our support staff at our toll-free number: 800-ASPIRIN or 215-235-3000. We have a live representative available all hours of the day to assist you.

It is important for those traveling to other countries to take preventative measures, especially against a disease with no cure or treatment. With symptoms of sudden headache, fever, disorientation, brain swelling, or nausea, Japanese encephalitis is not a disease any traveler would want to bring back as a souvenir. We are the leading provider of vaccinations in this area, making ourselves available to keep your safe and healthy on your travels abroad.






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